Martial Arts Instructors in Broomfield

Have you progressed to the point in your martial arts journey to where you are ready to teach? Are you certified in yoga, therapeutic massage, acupuncture or other Eastern/alternative healing technique? Or do you wish to support 8 Hands Martial Arts Center for IMA Instruction with a monetary donation or investment? We would welcome your participation and support as an instructor, a healer or an investor. Read this page to learn how you can get started, or call our Broomfield, CO dojo to speak with an instructor or accountant. 

Owner, Head IMA Instructor, Sensei Jeannette 

Martial Arts Exp: 1992-Present 

  • 2011-Present Shaolin Kempo, American Kempo, IMA, Ryu Kempo 
  • 2006-2011 Shoalin Kempo, Kick Boxing, Yoga 
  • 2002-2006 Kung fu, Jujitsu, Tai chi, qi Gong, Yoga 
  • 95-2002 Combat Defense, MMA, Kung fu 
  • 1992-95 Hopkido, Tae kwon do, Judo 

Medical Exp: 1995-2004 

Even during combat we must be civilized with the animal 

For over 20 years, Jeannette has studied and further developed the teaching practices in the Martial Arts, and founded 8 Hands in 2003. Seeking out ways to open a school and pursue the 8 Hands theology, she worked with various school systems. In the hopes of franchising, but unable to bridge the 8 Hands dream with the modern commercialized systems, she ventured to Colorado to create a new way of developing a martial arts school. She is now expanding the 8 Hands system to become more than a commercial front, but to become a place for deep study and reflection. She is the Midwest District Manager, instructor and owner of Colorados leading philosophical and practical Martial Arts school. Soon to open the 8 Hands Private Training Headquarters, Summer of 2016, she will be conducting full courses in the methodologies, history, and education in Higher Learning of Martial Arts. Although, she remains Senior Instructor at the Broomfield school her protg, Alex Domingo, serves as main instructor there, Ms. Branns primary focus is now the teaching and development of lifestyle Martial Arts Instructors and leading alternative martial arts classes that follow the old way. 

Developing a program that brings education back into the martial arts as being primary and using that as the foundation to training, is the major life focus of the 8 hands philosophy. Through the decades, she has seen Martial arts principles degrade through the teaching side, where it has become more a sport, recreational hobby, and alternative to parenting. It has been a goal to bring back the lifestyle of a warrior, who is honorable, disciplined, wise, and compassionate. True warriors seek peace, not a battle to prove strength is her response to the progression of martial arts modernization.

Her mission is to educate instructors on how and what to teach, and why things are to be learned. Knowing the root principles maintain the integrity and spirit of the teachings, and brings life into the student. The training headquarters will be the first opportunity to set a new course in modern martial arts. She wishes to incorporate manuals on learning about the body, mind, and spirit of the student, the history and philosophy of martial arts, and the technical side of how and why martial arts works from a scientific standpoint as well as a spiritual one. 

Manager, IMA Instructor, Alex 

Martial Arts Exp: 1999-Present 

  • 2009-Present IMA Academy 
  • 1999-2009 Mixed Martial Arts 

Keep to the Principles 

Sensei Alex is the epitome of a natural Martial Artist. He started training in Tang Soo Do when he was 10yrs old, heavily pursuing weapons knowledge primarily focusing on the sword. Later, as a teenager studied Tae Kwon Do for a few years, focusing on the olympic and sport path. Feeling the need to gain more the traditional wisdom of Martial arts, he sought out a school that focused on individual development of self rather than competition with the others. So in 2009 when he discovered 8 Hands Martial Arts in Washington State, began new training under Sensei Jeannette, unlocking his true potential as a lifestyle Martial Artist. In 2011, has partnered up to bring the school to Colorado, to create a school that focuses towards personal growth, individual enlightenment and universal awareness. 

Sensei Alex is the head instructor of the Broomfield 8 Hands Location. He loves working with kids, and takes pride in seeing the progression and development of all the students, and everyone in the school considers him family. Sensei Alex is the Yang of the School, light as a feather, and is the fun within the discipline. 

Currently as a 1st Degree Black Belt in IMA, and holding belts in other disciplines, he leads in teaching other fellow up and coming instructors. His humility and confidence portrays the balance of a sincere warrior and leads students in the right direction by setting a great example. 

Assistant Instructor Juan Gurule 

IMA Academy: 2014-Present 

1st Dan with honors, Jung Kims Martial Arts Academy, Spokane WA 

Be swift and formless as the wind; close and silent as the forest. In attack, consume like a flame; in defense, stand like the mountain. Let your plans be as impenetrable as the night, and when you strike, fall like a thunderbolt. Sun Tzu (can be truncated to the last line for brevity's sake) 

Bio: Jon is mostly quiet and reflective, taking a methodical, down-to-earth perspective on the art with a touch of wiliness and wit. Hes drawn to the arts with interest as it provides a central focus and uniting body for various aspects of life: self-improvement through the discipline of body and mind; self-discovery through the rigor of learning and competition; art and expression through the grace of movement; and knowledge through the science and theory of self-defense and combat. He has a background in Taekwondo, training for 6 years before eventually finding a singular style too limiting. He has been training here with us, and as a member of the academy, continues to learn and grow with the rest of our students. 

Employment hiring (for those with training and wish to contribute to 8 Hands)

Investors (for those who wish to benefit all the students and grow the school)

Instructors (provide future opportunities and business education)

IMA Professional Martial Arts Instructors

It is the continued commitment of all Interdisciplinary Martial Arts Instructors to provide the most beneficial self-defense training to each and every student using traditional philosophies, modern applications, and time-tested values of the Martial Arts while maintaining Integrity both in personal and professional life, with appreciation and gratitude for the communities we support.

With the honor, dedication, and compassion, we serve our loyal and valued staff and students by giving our best instruction through seeking everyday greatness in all fields of interaction.


Most all instructors and health professionals here have a college degree ranging from Fine arts to Philosophy, and/or certificate in yoga/ massage/ or acupuncture.  Do you have your Black belt or certified in some healing therapy? Are you on your way to achieving it or wish to branch out? Anyone wishing to teach, volunteer, provide health alternatives or just help out in daily operations can join our academy.  We offer classes in age specific teaching, fitness/health education, accounting and tax policy, business operations, public relations, promotions and advertising, and more. All Instructors are students first. We do not lease out to anyone regardless of rank, expertise, or healing modality, to work with our students without them being a student in our school and working to earn the respect of the members that make it what it is. We keep high standards in our teaching at 8 Hands. It  is not a place where we show and tell the moves, but teach the body mechanics, knowledge base, and fundamental understandings of the material. Further, we maintain a certain method of instruction at our school. It is about the FOCUS of boundaries and balance with in our world.


Defining the self: mentally – physically – and spiritually

Classical training to fulfill individual potential


Defining the community: family – friends – and teammates

Practical training to build mutual respect and understanding


Defining the world: love – compassion – generosity

Tactical training to enhance awareness globally and universally

If you are interested please speak to your instructor, or if you are new to the school, please call 253-335-2556 to speak with an Academy Instructor about your goals!