Tiny Tigers

The Tiny Tigers age group is for your little go-getters to direct their energy and build focus. With plenty of exercise mixed with listening drills, they will learn to manage their energy early. Classes are geared more towards developing listening and communication skills with adults in their environment, providing one of the best tools in their little belts for self-defense. With a safe, encouraging, and disciplined environment they will develop the ability to follow directions, ask questions, and look up to those looking after them for the guidance they need. The respect they develop will go a long way into building integrity and understanding of others. This will increase their social skills before hitting the school age, help with energy maintenance for activity and future sports and academics, and build confidence in maintaining necessary boundaries with others.

Confidence is essential building block for our youth! Our studio environment is positive and encouraging, providing your child a place to learn how to handle challenging situations and different people. The interactions with the instructors and with other peers help to reinforce a “sense of self in a big world”.

Discipline for most is a matter of following instructions and getting done the things required. Here at 8 Hands we do this and much more. Discipline goes further into anticipating the things soon needed and building adaptable awareness over mere habit forming actions that prepare your child for any future that is set in front of them. We help to create self-discipline in every student “to ensure self-reliability and personal motivation” not dependent on a reward/punishment system.

Personal development goes beyond the individual and includes one’s social interactions. We provide a tri-fecta system geared towards teaching all students how to manage outside and inside influences. The one-on-one training gives these tiny tigers every bit of attention to foster their character and attitude towards themselves. Their partner training teaches them to respect themselves and others to understand differences and similarities without competition, by learning self-control and personal boundaries. Our group classes, smaller than most, foster compassion, effort, sincerity, and motivation in working with other kids. Together this system creates an early maturity and builds stepping stones to time management and healthy social interactions.

Earning Belts

8 Hands’ students actually earn every belt by demonstrating more than just showing material taught. They are taught to focus on learning and growing rather than the belt. Considering the average time between ranks is 9-15 months, most kids forget about the rank and focus on the personal achievements of refinement, technique, personal growth, and overall development. Nothing is more rewarding than to hear a child say “I just kicked the bag over!”.