8 Martial Arts in Broomfield, Colorado

8 Hands Martial Arts Center for Interdisciplinary Martial Arts Instruction thanks all our students for their continued support and feedback. Everyone has a journey and each one is personal, but the appreciation helps to enhance and further that journey. For all who share their story, may it help those who might otherwise be lost. All experiences are different, and we look forward to helping you begin one of your own. Call us today!


“It’d been over 10 years since I last trained in the Martial Arts, and Sensei Jeannette at 8 Hands Martial Arts IMA Center has made coming back easier than I thought it could be. I can already feel my body growing stronger, and my mind quieting down. There is a lot to look forward to learning and I’m looking forward to the journey. It’s never to late to begin again.”

 - Douglas Ort, Colorado Student, January 15th, 2013

“Martial Arts is not about fighting, it is about self-control and self-respect!”

- Palpasha Karki, Colorado Student, January 10th, 2013

“Started Martial Arts to have a father and daughter hobby. It now has become a passion that we both share even when we cannot train together. We have both become more flexible, strong, and skilled. I am confident now that my daughter can defend herself and can keep me on my toes. It is a great journey that all families should try at 8 Hands Martial Arts.”

 - Levy Villa (Father) and Anaid Villa (Daughter) Washington and Colorado Students, January 2007

“Best of all worlds! My daughter saw the studio in our apartment complex. She wanted to try it out. She participated in a group class, had a great time and wanted to sign up. Five months later they were running a special so I decided to try it for 1 month at a fabulous price. I was hooked immediately! You get it all. I’m learning self-defense techniques, meeting lots of fun people, having a great time in the classes and getting fabulous workouts. I have never been a fan of working out (you should see me now), but this is so much fun it doesn’t feel like the normal torture of a boring workout. It is excellent stress relief after a bad day at work! 2 weeks free, what do you have to lose? Sensei Jeannette has been doing this for many years. We have had the privilege of studying with her for 2-3 years in Washington and we miss her greatly. This is her life and she LOVES teaching her students. You will learn SO MUCH from her at 8 Hands, including things you would not expect to learn at a dojo. 8 Hands is the best looking dojo we’ve ever seen."

- Karen Specht (Mother) and Elizabeth Starnes (Daughter) Washington students, November 2009 and June 2009

“Sensei Jeannette is a very talented martial artist. She is very passionate about the art, loves teaching, and makes training challenging yet fun! She notices students’ strengths and areas of improvement, and tailors the training based on the students’ needs. I am Sensei Jeannette’s student in Washington for over a year. It has been a wonderful experience from which I have learned a lot, had fun, gotten in shape and made lots of good friends. Thank you Sensei!

Great experience, amazing results! After years of a job that requires sitting in front of a computer for 8+ hours/day, and no regular exercise, I was getting out of shape. The first thing that came to mind was to search for good gyms and /or personal trainers, and never really thought about Martial Arts until a friend recommended 8 Hands. I hesitated at first, but with two weeks of free lessons I had nothing to lose. My first private lesson was with Sensei Jeannette, and I was very impressed with how quickly she read my movements (and to some degree my thoughts). After a few classes, you realized she is just like that, identified what to work on, and patiently walked me through what to do. By end of class, to my surprise, I was able to front ball kick BOB (our beloved punching bag) to the ground by applying better technique rather than focusing on strength (not that I had much strength then). Group classes were great workout sessions as Sensei Jeannette and Sensei Carl do amazing job mixing and changing the exercises that always makes it unexpected and lots of fun! By the end of the first week I was sold. It has been a few months now, weigh as much as I did in college, and cannot be any happier with the decision to join. I find it to be a great place to work out and get in shape, learn self-defense, develop discipline and patience, and meet awesome people and make friends. Moreover, it’s the playground where I shrug off life’s worries and stress, be a little kid again, and just have fun :) I have found my happy place! Have you?”

 - Mohammed Alabsi. Washington Student, July 2010

“Sensei Jeannette is a great instructor! She is dedicated, experienced and kind. You will learn a ton and be challenged at 8 Hands Martial Arts." 

 - Wen Wen Hua Ni, Washington Class of 2011, (Tiger Lady)

"Best Martial Arts school ever! I have bad knees, a bad back and tendinitis in both wrists, yet I have lost weight, gotten stronger, lessened the pain of my ailments AND had the most fun doing it. The teachers work around my sore spots and the other students are respectful of my injuries. This brand of Martial Arts works your brain, your heart, and it’s just plain good for your soul. My private lessons give me a chance to fine tune the moves, the group class gives me an opportunity to practice them with other students my age. It’s totally fun so you are not bored. Worth more than what they charge."

 - Daphne Fowler (Dragon Lady), Washington Student 2009

“Just walk into this dojo and you will immediately understand what sets 8 Hands apart from other schools. Sensei Jeannette put her heart and soul into this school and it shows. From her original artwork to the rustic outdoor feel supplied by the unfinished wood beams and earth tone colors, you will feel a peace and calm fall over you. Jeannette will work hard for you and is quick to make adjustments to your training to meet your specific needs and goals. Her enthusiasm and love for teaching and all her students will quickly win you over."                                                                                                                                    

 - Katie T., Class of 2012, Colorado