Adults in their own world, teens need to learn how to manage the stresses of life. Helping these young adults to manage responsibilities to prepare, act, and accept what comes their way will help them “brave” the world before them. Fear is rampant in our society and fear of change is the most detrimental to the mental health they need to survive. Preparing students to interact within their world privately, socially, and publicly, will help them to maintain balance and prevent negative stress from occurring. Teens need to manage their emotions and their thoughts constructively to prepare for college, relationships, and the careers they choose in the future.

Self Defense means many things at different stages of our lives. While every student learns physical self-defense, 8 Hands specializes in teaching defense against conflict. Nothing can be more debilitating than believing you won’t know what to do if and when the time comes to act. Going beyond physical confidence and know how, to mentally and emotionally trusting one’s self to try, is true personal empowerment. How we internalize, and perceive our world, present before us conflicts that are to be resolved. While not every conflict is negative, all do present a situation which requires action. Our goal is to help every student be pro-active in life and know when to avoid, check, address, or embrace; we want to empower everyone.
For some teens, the desire is just activity and/or fitness. We provide for every student the martial art skill and its benefits of Health. While we work on all areas of improvement, behind the curtains if necessary, every student gets to let go and just enjoy the class.