Group Classes

Focus & Awareness

Every week students train on core material during their personal training. When students workout in group, training is focused on reaction, situational awareness, speed, and high energy workouts. No longer is the group setting a place where you have to watch other people to learn, or try to catch up to. Students are taught to find the answers by paying attention to instruction and by utilizing memory skills.

Groups by Age

All groups are divided by “ages” and for adults’ “ranks” as well. Group classes are designed on the general abilities of its participating members. Class is built from simple steps at the beginning and built up to complex steps requiring multitasking, but in a format which everyone can easily follow. Novice and experienced will feel challenged and yet together with the group.

You and your child will definitely get a workout mentally and physically without negative competition and inconsistency.

Please remember, all group sessions are unique and different, there is no repetitive format and although missing classes will be a missed opportunity, it will not set you behind everyone else. This program is designed to work all aspects of training together and provide variety and challenge for every member.