Polar Bear Club Challenge Here's how to do it:

Swim between Saturday, December 9th, and Saturday, January 6th (4 weeks), and make as many practices as you can. (26 days)
(No Workouts on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day)

Membership is available at three levels depending on the number of practices attended. All are invited to a pizza party in January to help celebrate the winners.

GOLD – 18 practices Gold level membership  (a very special prize and a Pizza Party)

SILVER – 16 practices Sliver membership  (Pizza Party)

BRONZE - 14 practices Bronze membership (Pizza Party)



1. To ensure that all your practices count in your total you must have completed your 2023 USMS registration. http://www.usms.org/reg/register.php  All practices completed before USMS registration will not count.

2. Each coach/swimmer will be keeping individual records of who was in attendance (a roll sheet will be available FOR for you to sign in). These records will be combined at the end of the challenge. You are welcome to keep track of your practices, but please do not have coaches mark practices that you attended with another coach. (give those to coach Mark, must get signed off from the coach you swam with)

3. Double daily workouts do not count.

4. Swim workouts out of town must be with a USMS club and must provide a picture of the workout/coach.

5.  Must sign up on TU under events.  Cost: $20.00 (includes a Polar Bear T-Shirt)

We'll see you in the pool . . . just watch out for the icebergs!