Policy to go inactive with the Mission Viejo Nadadores Masters 
(as per the registration agreement)


1. You must inform the Swim Office via completion of “MEMBERSHIP CHANGE FORM” (see link) prior to the 25th of the previous month you wish to go inactive.

Membership Change Form (click to download)

Example: If you want to go inactive on March 1 you must fill out and submit the status change form to the swim office by February 25.

If the form is received after the 25th you will be placed inactive 30 days later. Ex: if you submit the form on February 26, you will still be active and billed for March and placed inactive at the end of March.


2. Inform your coach.

3. Make sure you have completed your service hours requirement. If a member suspends their membership, they will be responsible for a  pro-rated amount of service hours for each month they were active with the team. If those service hours have not been worked and recorded, the member will be billed $40/hr for each hour of service not provided prior to suspension.

4. NO REFUNDS will be granted. Dues will not be prorated.

5. There is a $25.00 reactivation fee when returning within 4 months.  After 4 months the reactivation fee is $50.00.

6. Once the form is filled out you can email the completed form to [email protected]


Please do not email your form through Team Unify. Scan and email to:  [email protected]