Masters National Meet Prep Swim Clinics

Come join three-time SPMS Coach of the Year, USMS Coach of the Year, and the Mission Viejo Nadadores Masters Head Coach Mark Moore
for a series of swim clinics designed to help you be your best at the  Summer Nationals!

  • Clinics are designed for all swim levels: beginner to advanced + triathletes
    Maximum of 20 swimmers per clinic

    • *Live demonstration of drills
      *Technique discussions
      *Handouts with drill outlines
      *In water practice of techniques with coaching
      *Individual coaching reviews

  • Clinics are geared to each level’s specific needs and last approximately 3 hours

  • Clinic fee: $75.00 plus fees

  • Dates:
    5/18 - Freestyle & Backstroke
    6/8 - Breaststroke/Butterfly
    7/6 - Starts and Turns