How do I join the Mission Viejo Nadadores Masters (MVN)?


Before proceeding with tryouts or registration, all new and returning swimmers will need to have had an orientation meeting with Coach Mark.  Your registration and/or tryouts will not be approved until you have completed the appropriate steps. To schedule a 20-minute meeting (via ZOOM)  please click HERE to contact us to set up a time. 


First: Register with U.S. Masters Swimming:  

Membership through Dec. 31, 2023: $70

Every swimmer must have a valid U.S.M.S. card for insurance and liability purposes.
to sign up. 

Second: Access our online registration system and complete the steps.

Mission Viejo Nadadores Registration

It is a 2 step process that will allow you to 1) create an account with your payment information 2) add a member to the account.


What are the fee structures and what is the method of payment?

The online registration system (Team Unify) is set up to collect payments automatically on the 1st of the month. This will only occur monthly. This is the simplest and most structured method of handling the payments for the over 200+ member program and is the preferred method by the club. This requires a credit card number and permission to draft without warning.  

Please see our fees and policy for more details.


Are there any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for parents or guardians of swimmers in the competitive or pre-comp programs. Please see our fees and policy for more details. 

Can I try a free workout before registering?

Yes. Try out 2 free workouts before registering. Attend any 2 workouts from our schedule and bring your swimming gear.

You must also attend an orientation meeting and fill out the  Tryout / 30-Day Trial / Guest Membership Application.  This will allow you to swim your two workouts within a 30 day period.