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2023 - 2024 Policy

** All Swim Meets are subject to cancellation. If swim meets are canceled, service hours will be reduced and an email to the membership will be sent.


Swimming for the Nadadores Masters requires the support and dedication of its coaches, swimmers, and overall programs. As a non-profit organization, our events are a source of income to keep the program running and are dependent upon the support of our swimmers AND members working together to maintain this standard of excellence. We have many functions that require member participation.

Below are the minimum obligations of all MVN Masters members.




Our service hour requirement is determined by the number of team events we host each year and will be adjusted accordingly.

Each member is required to complete a minimum of 6 volunteer hours in the first session, September 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024, and complete a minimum of 6 volunteer hours in the second session, April 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024.

We will host at least 7 events, 6 swim meets, and one open water event. In addition, we will have one team fundraiser in April and one mandatory event in August.


Nadadores Home Meets

Session 1

Sunday, September 16-17   USMS Nationals & OW Festival Lake Mission Viejo

Sunday, October 1 - SCM Meet

Sunday, February 4 – SCY Meet @Saddleback College

Sunday, March 3 - SCY Meet

Session 2

Sunday, May 19 - LC Meet

Sunday, July 7 - LC Patrick Memorial Relay Meet

Tuesday-Sunday, August 21-25 - USMS Summer Nationals*

*USMS Summer Nationals is a mandatory event where each member is required to work 4 hours.

If you are not available to work at the mandatory events, you will be billed $50. This means that even if your service hours requirement is met, you will still need to work at the mandatory meet or be billed. 

Masters members will be subject to an Hours Requirement Fee (HRF) of $240 for session one and $290 for session two, if not having completed any of their mandatory session hours. Members who have completed their minimum volunteer hours requirement for each session will not be assessed by the HRF. Those members who have completed less than the minimum volunteer hours required will be billed $40 for each hour less than the minimum hours due per volunteer session. This amount would be in addition to the Mandatory Meet fee mentioned above.

The billing of the HRF will occur at the end of each swim session. The billing of the Mandatory Meet Fee will occur at the end of the mandatory meet.

The first session of 6 hours is September 1, 2023- March 31, 2024, with billing on April 1, 2024.  

The second session of 6 hours is April 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024, with billing on September 1, 2024.

Only 1 donation per session can be signed up for that will count towards service hours. Any additional donations in a session will not count as service hours.

If a member takes a Leave of Absence (i.e. vacation, or other recreational/club sport, etc.) for a period of fewer than 4 months, they will be responsible for the volunteer hours requirements, including any mandatory events during that time period.

If a member leaves the team for 4 months or longer, they are considered a new swimmer upon rejoining so they will be responsible for a prorated volunteer commitment.

Members are responsible for volunteer hour obligations for every month they are on the team. Members who join the team in the middle of any volunteer session will be given a prorated minimum of hours due. 

All members must complete the minimum volunteer hour requirement or pay the financial obligation to be in good standing with the team.

All members are responsible for the job shifts they sign up to work. If a member is signed up to work a shift and has not removed their name from the list prior to the event closing (2 days before the day of the event) they are still responsible for working that shift or getting it covered. If a member does not show up for a shift or does not get a shift covered, they will be billed $40 per hour of the shift they signed up to work. The billing for the missed shift will be on the next billing date after the missed event. 

If a member works more than the minimum required hours in a session, the hours cannot be rolled over to the next session. Service Hours can be gifted to another family who may be short on hours. Mandatory hours must be met by each member before transferring hours can occur. Transfer must be requested minimum 5 days prior to the end of the session.


SUMMER ONLY COLLEGE STUDENTS (joining on or after June 1, 2023) are not responsible for service hours during the Second Session of 2023 but assistance is always welcome. 



Masters members are responsible for checking in with the chairperson for each job/shift they have signed up for at the event.  You will sign your name next to your name on the list OR have the chairperson check you off at the conclusion of your shift to verify that you did, in fact, work the shift.


If you have any questions, please contact Coach Mark. [email protected]