Weather Policies

We train in reasonable rain, wind, and cold. This applies to workouts and competitions. Most of our
competitions are held outdoors in all types of weather.

If rain or smoke is too intense, or if windy conditions exist, the coaches will modify or cancel the
workout. On a stormy day, athletes will be sent a “cancelation” email approximately two hours prior
to workout times. There are no make-up workouts offered for training sessions canceled due to
inclement weather.

Heavy Rain, Hail, Wind, Smoke During Workouts
 If heavy rain or wind obscures clear vision of the bottom of the pool, the pool will be cleared
 The pool will be cleared in the event of hail
 Athletes will be sent to the locker room in the event of a tornado warning

Lightning: Pool Closing
The National Weather Service recommends that pools be cleared in either of these two conditions:

 If “cloud to ground” lightning is observed and less than 30 seconds pass from seeing a flash
and hearing thunder from that flash
 If “cloud to cloud” lightning is observed

Once a storm with lightning has been detected, the following closing procedures will be followed:
 Get athletes out of the pool immediately
 Athletes will be sent to the locker room with instructions not to touch shower handles, water
spigots, or other metal objects that might conduct electricity

Lightning: Pool Re-entry
Re-entry protocol for return to pool after lightning storm has passed:
 Athletes may re-enter the pool for use 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or thunder
is heard

Please check for emails for updated pool and practice cancellation due to weather.