Mission Viejo Nadadores Team Awards 

As a volunteer-driven organization, MVN Masters is forever grateful to the many talented volunteers who give their time, talent, and expertise to help all phases of our program. 

Among those volunteers, there are some whose service stands out in its scope, its impact on the program, and the number of members who have benefited from their efforts on the local level.

Their outstanding dedication and commitment to the Nadadores can be seen in their team spirit and willingness to volunteer at swim meets and other team activities.


Bob Rolph Memorial Nadadores Award of Excellence

2018 - Bev Montrella

2020-  Gwen Uthus
           Steve Freitas 

2021 - John Campbell

2022 - Nora Gard

2023 - Maggie Williams-Dalgart


Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation - Masters Volunteer of the Year

2022 - Patty Furukawa
2023 -


About Bob Rolph  

Long-time Nadadore Bob Rolph passed away in February 2017. He was a victim of a second bout of cancer. Bob was a U.S. Masters swimmer, runner, family man, and grandfather. Bob spawned off other swimmers to perpetuate the bloodline and the cycle continues.

Bob was a Berkley man and in addition, held a Doctorate from UCSB in “some kind of tech stuff”. At one time Bob ran the IT Organization for the state of Oregon’s Department of Transportation.

His wife Jan, and Bob met at UCSB and were a very cool couple. Bob and Jan used to enjoy long road trips driving a 1960s Red Ford Mustang towing a trailer full of stuff behind. Bob was a very fun guy always looking to have a good time. When Bob retired, he purchased a house in Coto Decaza and joined the greatest swim team in the world. “The Mission Viejo Nadadores” Bob's specialty was the swimming distance but would swim any freestyle event, oftentimes mixing it up with middle distance and sprints. The most amazing part of Bob’s competition regiment is how Bob could survive during a championship swim meet eating chimp-size bananas.

Bob was part of a tight group of swimmers that met at the SPMS 2002 Short Course Championships in Las Vegas. Our team had only four competitors which included your esteemed coach ‘Mark Moore” Yes Coach Mark! The crew pulled off a heavily disputed USMS Top 10 relay with Coach Mark leading us out and Bob anchoring to bring it home. Bob was so dang old that he bumped us up a couple of age brackets which earned Bob the dubious team title of “Old Bob”.

What defines us in life is how we treat others and how we treat and respect ourselves. Bob was great at this and a model influence on the team. Always smart, positive, never gossiped, respectful of others, and always up for some silly fun.  ( Written by Rich Carlsen)