Masters Team Weekly Update Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Mark Moore

Masters Team Weekly Update
Wednesday, April 10, 2024


1.  Upcoming Team Events 

2.  Workout Time Changes during SMOC

3.  2024 SPMS SCY Championship Team Results

4.  Silent Auction Workout Baskets

5.  National Meet Prep Swim Clinics

6.  Words form Coach Mark


FYI:  Upcoming Meet – Rose Bowl, Saturday, April 20



154 Days to the Summer Nationals!






1. Upcoming Team Events  

Rose Bowl Masters SCY Meet
Saturday, April 20

Mission Viejo Masters LCM Meet
Sunday, May 19

OC Riptide Masters LCM Meet
Saturday, June 1

Sunday, June 9
MVN Intrasquad Meet and Potluck

MVN Masters Patrick Moore Relay Meet
Silent Auction Team Fundraiser
Sunday, July 7

USMS Summer Nationals (Mission Viejo)
August 21-25



2.  Workout Time Changes during SMOC April 12-14

April 12 Friday:
5:00-6:00a in dive well
6:00-7:00a in dive well
9:00-10:00a CANCEL
12:00-1:00p CANCEL
7:45-8:45 PM

April 13 Saturday:
5:00-6:00a in dive well
6:00-7:00a in dive well

April 14 Sunday:
6:00-7:00a in dive well



3.   MVN 2024 SPMS SCY Championship Team Results


Congratulations to our swimmers who attended the SPMS SCY Championships in Encino last weekend.

James and David set 2 Team Records!

Great job everybody representing the Nadadores!

David Sumner (Age Group 50-54)
50 Y Back 26.88 1st place
100 Y Fly 55.95 2nd place (TEAM RECORD)
50 Y Fly 24.82 2nd place

Sharon Dill (Age Group 65-69)
200 Y Free 2:27.80 2nd place
1000 Y Free 13:36.91 1st place
100 Y Free 1:08.62 3rd place

Vincent Flores (Age Group 60-64)
100 Y Breast 1:36.52 3rd place
1000 Y Free 17:51.6 2nd place
100 Y Free 1:14.86 7th place
50 Y Breast 42.40 4th place
500 Y Free 8:15.00 4th place

James Tobin (Age Group 55-59)
100 Y Fly 1:03.51 1st place
1000 Y Free 11:49.5 1st place (TEAM RECORD)
200 Y Fly 2:27.13 1st place
500 Y Free 5.42.99 1st place

Gustavo Murillo (Age Group 50-54)
1650 Y Free 31:24.29 3rd place
1000 Y Free 19:56.77 2nd place
500 Y Free 19:56.95 3rd place

Margaret Williams-Dulgart (Age Group 55-59)
100 Y IM 1:23.28 3rd place
50 Y Fly 34.97 2nd place



 4.  MVN Masters Silent Auction


🌟 Team Silent Auction Fundraiser - Your Participation Makes a Difference! 🌟

Join us in a spirited silent auction and make a positive impact! Our dedicated group leaders are rallying your workout group to organize and collect an array of themed baskets, each uniquely decorated by our swimmers. Dive into the spirit of giving and camaraderie as we aim to raise funds for our upcoming events and Summer Nationals!

🗓️ Deadline for Contributions: May 10

Basket Themes & Workout Leaders:

  • 5-6 AM - Spa Day Unwind with luxurious spa essentials. Workout Leader: Patty Furukawa

  • 6-7 AM - The Cat’s Meow Purr-fect picks for feline aficionados. Workout Leader: Aaron Ampula

  • 9-10 AM - Wine & Fun Savor the blend of fine wine and good times. Workout Leader: Van and Margaret Cochran

  • Noon - Date Night Curated for romantic evenings. Workout Leader: Jess Korner

  • Evening - Sweet Dreams Drift into bliss with cozy nighttime treats. Workout Leader: Laura Smith

Let’s make waves with our generosity! 

Your involvement is not just about creating delightful baskets; it’s about strengthening our team’s unity and supporting our collective goals. ($15,000)

Every bid counts, and every contribution matters – because when you participate, you’re not just part of a fundraiser; you’re part of a team striving for success.



 Words from Coach Mark

Embrace the Wave: The Art of Feel-Good Swimming

Swimming hard doesn’t have to be a grind. It’s all about perspective. The goal of a feel-good swim is to transform the sensations of a challenging set into something positive. Imagine reinterpreting the intensity of your effort, not as pain, but as a signal of growth and improvement.

Sensations Redefined The rush you feel with each stroke isn’t something to shy away from. These sensations are not inherently unpleasant; they only become so when we label them as “painful.” Instead, they can be intriguing, even enjoyable. They’re a sign that you’re pushing your limits, making waves, and getting stronger.

Biological Growth, Not Pain When we swim, our bodies are in a state of evolution. Each lap is a step towards adaptation, a testament to our biological resilience. The discomfort you feel is not a warning of harm but a herald of progress. It’s the kind of discomfort that comes with rewards, not risks.

Seek the Sensation Chase that feeling. Let it happen. Pay attention to it. Then, consciously adapt to this new paradigm of feel-good swimming. It’s not just about enduring the set; it’s about enjoying the journey and the transformation that comes with it.

Keep making a splash! 🏊‍♂️💦

Coach Mark





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