Masters Team Weekly Update Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Mark Moore

Masters Team Weekly Update
Wednesday, April 17, 2024


1.  Upcoming Team Events 

2.  National Meet Prep Swim Clinics

3.  Silent Auction Workout Baskets

4.  Masters Blue Gold Intarsquard Long Course Meet

5.  Words from Coach Mark


FYI:  Upcoming Meet – Rose Bowl, Saturday, April 20


126 Days to the Summer Nationals!






1. Upcoming Team Events  

Rose Bowl Masters SCY Meet
Saturday, April 20

Mission Viejo Masters LCM Meet
Sunday, May 19

OC Riptide Masters LCM Meet
Saturday, June 1

Sunday, June 9
MVN Intrasquad Meet and Potluck

MVN Masters Patrick Moore Relay Meet
Silent Auction Team Fundraiser
Sunday, July 7

USMS Summer Nationals (Mission Viejo)
August 21-25



2.  Masters Swim Clinics – Open to All Swimmers!

Join Coach Mark for a series of swim clinics designed to help you be your best at the Summer Nationals!

Clinics are designed for all swim levels: beginner to advanced.  

 Maximum of 20 swimmers per clinic

*Live demonstration of drills

 *Technique discussions

 *Handouts with drill outlines

 *In water practice of techniques with coaching

 *Individual coaching reviews

Clinics are geared to each level’s needs and last approximately 3 hours. Clinic fee: $75.00 plus fees


5/18 - Freestyle & Backstroke
6/8 - Breaststroke/Butterfly
7/6 - Starts and Turns

To register go to .

Questions: [email protected] 



3.   MVN Masters Silent Auction


Team Silent Auction Fundraiser – Our Goal is $15,000

Deadline for Contributions: May 10

Basket Themes & Workout Leaders:

  • 5-6 AM - Spa Day. Workout Leader: Patty Furukawa
  • 6-7 AM - The Cat’s Meow. Workout Leader: Aaron Ampula
  • 9-10 AM - Wine & Fun. Workout Leader: Van and Margaret Cochran
  • Noon - Date Night. Workout Leader: Jess Korner
  • Evening - Sweet Dreams. Workout Leader: Laura Smith


 4.  Nadadores Masters Blue/Gold Intrasquad Long Course Meet

SAVE THE DATE  -- Sunday, June 9
Only Nadadores Swimmers!

Sunday, June 9, 2024
Warm-up starts at 7:30 AM
Meet starts at 8:30 AM


400M Medley Relay (W/M/Mixed)
(Swimmers are limited to ONE Medley Relay)

200M Freestyle Relay (W/M/Mixed)
(Swimmers are limited to ONE Freestyle Relay)

100M Breaststroke
50M Backstroke
100M Freestyle
200M Individual Medley
400M Freestyle
50M Butterfly

-----5 min Break-----

400M Freestyle Relay (W/M/Mixed)
(Swimmers are limited to ONE Freestyle Relay)
200M Medley Relay (W/M/Mixed)
(Swimmers are limited to ONE Medley Relay)

-----10 min Break-----

200M Freestyle
100M Backstroke
100M Butterfly
50M Freestyle
50M Breaststroke
400M Individual Medley

Team BBQ/Potluck to follow after the meet.


5. Words from Coach Mark

 Bilateral Breathing 

In swimming bilateral breathing means breathing to both sides during the freestyle.

This usually equates to breathing on an odd number of strokes – eg 3, 5, 7, etc. For many swimmers, bilateral breathing can be useful for keeping the stroke even and helping to maintain a straight line during a swim

The key components of an effective bilateral breathing technique are:

    • Your body should be in a horizontal prone (on your front) position.

    • Your head should be in a horizontal and prone position, in line with your body and legs, looking at the bottom of the pool, while swimming.

    • A low head position, with one goggle lens in the water, and the other looking across the surface of the pool, while breathing.

    • A smooth and controlled body rotation initiated from the shoulders, trunk, and hips.

    • A strong and steady freestyle leg kick.

Why Bilateral Breathing?


1.  Bilateral breathing establishes a regular breathing pattern, which is more effective at supplying oxygen to the muscles and organs.

2. It balances the stroke, enabling you to take a longer stroke on your non-breathing side.

3. Breathing on both sides of your body while you are swimming creates smooth, even strokes.

4. You get a better balance in the water by alternating your breathing and you develop uniform muscles.

5. Breathing to both sides of your body becomes even more important when you move from the pool to the open water.





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