YMCA Coaches Association

The YMCA Coaches Association is the collection of all YMCA swim coaches. The purpose is to provide a forum to exchange ideas and make recommendations for the improvement of the YMCA national championship meets and the overall experience of YMCA Swimming. There are no dues and all YMCA coaches are considered members. Meetings are held at the Short Course and Long Course YMCA National Championship Meets. There is an Executive Committee comprised of representatives elected at those meetings. Executive Committee members serve three year terms with no more than two successive terms. 

Executive Committee of the YMCA Coaches Association

Mike Leonard 513-284-1258 [email protected] Chair Powel Crosley, Jr. (OH) 2022
Jon Jolley 828-381-8806 [email protected] Vice Chair Hickory Foundation (NC) 2022
Erik Nelson 610-308-0193 [email protected] Secretary Ridley Area (PA) 2019
Chris Karelus 302-545-6909 [email protected]   Fanwood-Scotch Plains (NJ) 2022
Jerry Foley 570-412-1458 [email protected]   Triangle Ara (NC) 2022
Kaeley Steinnagel 860-614-2008 [email protected]   Laurel East Hartford (CT) 2022
Todd Marsh 208-473-9658 [email protected]   Boise (ID) 2019
Dan Mascolo 508-735-6609 [email protected]   Greater Spartanburg (SC) 2022
Karen Roth 203-788-4845 [email protected]   Western Connecticut (CT) 2022
Jay Morissette 207-371-9223 [email protected]   Bath Area (ME) 2019
Todd Conrad 949-300-2185 [email protected]   Upper Main Line (PA) 2022
Jack Caucino 732-841-5776 [email protected] Ex-Officio Greater Monmouth (NJ)  
Meredith Griffin 302-540-3138 [email protected]   YMCA of the USA  
Bob Turner 302-598-4094 [email protected]   Short Course Meet Director  
John Richards 919-222-8484 [email protected]   Long Course Meet Director