For Accomplishments, Dedication, and Excellence

in the Advancement of YMCA Masters Competitive Swimming.

This award was established in 1988 by the National YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Committee as a way to recognize the long and exceptional leadership, insight and dedication to the man who organized and developed our National YMCA Masters Swimming Invitational Program. The award given annually to an individual; male or female, lay person or professional, for contributions and advancement at all levels of the YMCA Masters Competitive Aquatics Programs.

The inaugural presentation of this award was given to John deBarbadillo at the 9th Masters National YMCA Swimming Championships held at the Keating Natatorium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

John, in his many years of service to the York and York County YMCA in Pennsylvania and to the National YMCA Swimming and Diving Committee, has given to us a National YMCA Masters Championship Program that will be enjoyed by thousands of YMCA Masters Swimmers for many years to come.

The Original John deBarbadillo Award Selection Committee:

Paul Atkinson, Chairman

John deBarbadillo, Ed Henn, Claudia Multer

1988 John deBarbadillo-York, PA
1989 Max Zoller-Chicago, IL
1990 Shirley A. Beheler-Frederick, MD
1991 Mel Goldstein-Jordan Branch, Indianapolis, IN
1992 Laurie A Robinson-Cumberland, MD
1993 Paul Atkinson-Kettering Branch, Dayton, OH
1994 Mike Laux-Westport, CT
1995 Nancy Brown-Druid Hills Branch, Baltimore, MD
1996 Gerald Meyer-West Shore Branch, Cleveland, OH
1997 Dave & Fran Murray-Beavercreek, OH
1998 Claudia Multer-Sandwich, IL

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008: No Awards Was Given

2009 Fred Piggot-Chicago, IL
2010 Mike Leonard-Cincinnati, OH
2011 Nancy Brown-Annapolis, MD
2012 Rick Walker-Sarasota, FL
2013 Debbie Cavanaugh-Fort Lauderdale, FL
2014 Francis Parrish-Hamilton, OH
2015 Tom Janszen-Cincinnati, OH
2016 Chuck Multer-Hamilton, OH
2017 No award given
2018 Nick Gerhart-Cedar Rapids, IA
2019 Meredith Griffin-Cincinnati, OH
2020 No award given (COVID-19 pandemic)
2021  No award given (COVID-19 pandemic)
2022 Jeanne Seidler-Milwaukee, WI
2023 Jeff Sargent-Westport, CT