National YMCA Competitive Swimming Awards

Joesph G. Rogers

For Dedication, Accomplishments and Excellence in YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Volunteer Leadership

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Conrad Carroll

For Excellence in YMCA Swim Officiating Through All Levels of YMCA Swimming.

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Coach of the Year

For Lasting Impact on Athletes, the YMCA and Community Through Commitment to the YMCA's Core Values and Purpose.

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2025 Eddie Hughes, Greer, SC

2024 Jack Caucino, Red Bank, NJ

2023 Robert (Bob) Turner, The Villages, FL

2020 Robert (Bob) McDowell, Wilton, CT

2019 Tobias (Toby) Boedeker - Ohio

2018 Joel Black - Winston Salem, NC

2017 Gary Cox - Menomonee Falls, WI

2016 Meredith Griffin, Cincinnati, OH

2015 Mike Leonard - Cincinnati, OH

2014 Tom Warrick - Wayne, PA

2013 Jim Everett - Bosie, ID

2012 Ed Miller - New Milford, NJ

2011 Bettie Williams - Los Angeles, CA

2010 John Mendell - Vero Beach, FL

2009 Bruce Griffin - West Chester

2008 Rich Mueller - Chicago, Il

2007 Don Leas - Payson, AZ

2006 Stu Marvin - Ft Lauderdale

2005 Claudia Multer - Hamilton, OH

2004 Buck Dawson - Fort Lauderdale, FL

2003 Jim Ryan  - Berwyn, PA

2002 Don Varner  - Johnstown, PA

2001 Jack VerHelst  - Boone, IA

2000 Millard Freeman  - Key West, FL

1999 Glenda Pae  - Dauphin, PA

1998 Charles Butt  - Brunswick, ME

1997 John H. Higgins  - Annapolis, MD

1996 Gloria J. Summers  - Chillicothe, OH

1995 Robert L. Golay  - Tucson, AZ

1994 Lynn L. Rickert  - Union City, IN

1993 Wesley E. Walker  - Kankakee, IL

1992 Susan D. Clayton  - Frazer, PA

1991 Dr. James E. Counsilman - Bloomington, IN

1990 Ed Henn  - Cincinnati, OH

1989 Clyde Truttmann  - Green Bay, WI

1988 Archie Harris  - Normal, IL

1987 G. Robert Mowerson  - Minneapolis, MN

1986 Jack H. Tanner  - Birmingham, AL

1985 Dr. Harold Henning  - Naperville, IL

1984 William E. Daisley  - Erie, PA

1983 Paul A. Atkinson  - Kettering, OH

1982 Louis A. Cox  - Dayton, OH

1981 Margaret Kelso  - Dolton, IL

1980 Charles McCaffree  - East Lansing, MI

1979 John deBarbadillo  - York, PA

1978 C. Eugene Keltner  - Orlando, FL

1977 Glenn Hummer  - Huntington, IN

1976 James R. Stocker  - Western Springs, IL

1975 Harold T. Friermood  - Bridgeport, CT

1974 Edward L. Griffin  - Minneapolis, MN

2024 Chris Jung, Leland, NC

2023 Val Gibson, Lakeland Hills, NJ

2022 Judy Sharkey, Forked River, NJ

2020 Bob Turner, The Villages, FL

2019 William (Bert) Hewitt, Lionville, PA

2018 Robert Johnson, Maryland

2017 Tom Janszen, Ohio

2016 Tom Warrick, Wayne, Pa

2015 Roni & Steve Sawin, NJ

2014 Jim O'Neill - Rockaway, NJ

2013 Bettie Williams -Los Angeles, CA

2012 Eddie Hughes - Greer, SC

2011 John Mendell - Vero Beach, FL

2010 Hank Mittelstaedt - Rochester Hills, MI

2009 Joel Black - Lewisville, NC

2008 Ed Miller - New Milford, NJ

2007 Mary Ellen Smolinksi - Joliet, IL

2006 Gloria Summers - Chillicothe, OH

2005 Frankie Freeman - Cape Coral, FL

2004 Chet Andruskiewicz - Newark, DE

2003 Dick Wildey - Crystal Lake, IL

2002 Jim Pfarrer - Whippany, NJ

2001 Linda Brooks - Birmingham, MI

2000 Claudia Multer - Hamilton, OH

1999 Betty deBarbadillo - York, PA

1998 Denny Hartnett - Johnstown, PA

1997 John deBarbadillo - York, PA

1996 Margaret Kelso - Dolton, IL

1995 Lynn Rickert - Union City, IN

1994 Louise Hoover - Lansdale, PA

1993 Sandy Wilson - Ashland, OH

1992 Glenda Pae - Dauphin, PA

1991 Charles E. Hartley - Lansdale, PA

1990 Rich Mueller - Melrose Park, IL

1989 Don Varner - Johnston, PA

1988 Jack VerHelst - Boone, IA

1987 Connie Walker - Kankakee, IL

1986 Ed Henn - Cincinnati, OH

1985 G. Robert Mowerson - Minneapolis, MN

1984 Harold Gibby Gibson - Erie, PA

1983 William E. Daisley - Erie, PA

1982 Archie Harris -Normal, IL

2024 - Erik Nelson - Ridley, PA

2023 - Jen Baker - Bayside Family YMCA, RI

2022 - Keira Cruz - Lakeland Hills YMCA, NJ and Bill Whatley - Blue Ash YMCA, OH

2020 - Sue Welsh - Hamilton Area YMCA, NJ

2019 - Ed Steinnagel - East Hartford, CT

2018 - Dr. James Krull,  Wayne, PA

2017 - Kirby Beierle, Missoula, MT

2016 - Brian Bickner, Kishwaukee Family YMCA, Sycamore, IL

2015 Michael Brooks, York, PA

2014 Kathy Cook - Pottstown, PA

2013 Dave Anderson - Schroeder, WI

2012 Peter Barry, Somerset Hills YMCA, NJ

2011 Peter Wright - Middle Tyger YMCA, SC

2010 Amy Miller - Columbus, OH

2009 Jon Brenner - LaCrosse, WI

2008 Peter Wright - Middle Tyger YMCA, SC

2007 Dave Anderson - Schroeder, WI

2006 Keira Cruz - Lakeland Hills, NJ

2005 Bill Sepich - Burlington, NJ

2004 Mike Gobrecht - Harrisburg, PA

2003 Frank Burlinson - Boise, ID

2002 Hank Buntin - Summit, NJ

2001 Frank Sampson - Champaign, IL

2000 Ed Bachman - M.E. Lyons Br. Cincinnati, OH

1999 Kevin Fogarty- Birmingham Br. Detroit, MI

1998 John Vasbinder - Aquatic Center Br. Orlando, FL

1997 Dr. Ron Remaly - Bloomsburg, PA

1996 David Anderson - Milwaukee, WI

1995 Larry Lyons - M.E. Lyons Br. Cincinnati, OH

1994 Jim Ryan - Upper Main Line, Berwyn, PA

1993 Mark Boerner - Houston, TX

1992 Larry Lyons- M.E. Lyons BR. Cincinnati, OH

1991 John Vasbinder - Spartanburg, SC

1990 John Flanagan - Alexandria, VA

1989 Tim Murphy - Wilton, CT

1988 Ira Kline - Sarasota, FL


Joseph G. Rogers Award

The award was established in 1974 as recognition of long and exceptional leadership, insight, dedication and friendship by a man whose YMCA career has touched and enriched the lives of countless young people. In his lifetime, Joe Rogers was the first recipient of the National Distinguished Service to Aquatics Award, was the organizer of the National Operating Council on Aquatics represented the YMCA on the U.S. Olympic Men's Swimming Committee.

The Joseph G. Rogers Award statue is permanently located in the International Swimming Hall of Fame Museum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with each Honoree's name affixed in bronze on the base. A replica of the statue is presented to each Honoree at the YMCA of the USA National Swimming and Diving Championships. The creator of the statue is Daniel Gluck, whose abstract religious and sports sculptures (including the Brian Picolo Award) are now on view in many public places around the United States. The beautifully sculptured award of bronze and marble stands over four feet in height, weight nearly 1,000 pounds and has a mounted swimming figure that stretches nearly four feet in length.

Conrad "Connie" Carroll Award

The award was established in 1982 in recognition of excellence in officiating. In 1973 Connie attended his first National YMCA Swimming and Diving Championship Meet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Connie served in just about every swim official position for the next 8 years - timer, head timer, score keeper, stroke judge, electronic timing operated, etc. He truly was an official's official!

To fully understand Connie's contribution to society, one must look at the extra activities to which he devoted so much of his free time. A devoted church member serving on almost every board or trustee position, dedicated member of the Optimist Club, coordinated and chaperoned numerous high school functions and attended every athletic contest possible along with nearly every other school activity possible.

In all these activities, he never sought the "limelight" but was willing and able to do the tasks that were challenging and necessary to hold efficient, well officiated events. These things are so often overlooked and under appreciated by competitors, their families, and spectators. But without them, events could not go forward.