Swimsuit Exemptions

Swimsuit exemption requests may be made for medical, religious, gender identity, and other reasons. Exemptions will only be granted for the swimsuit coverage requirements. Exemptions are effective only for the swim year (Sept. 1-Aug. 31) in which they are granted and must be renewed annually.


If the exemption is for YMCA meets only, the request should be sent to the YMCA Officials Committee Chair, Judy Sharkey.


If the exemption is for USA Swimming meets and optionally also for YMCA meets, the request should be sent to the Chair of the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Committee, or designee. At this time (2024) the contact is Derek Paul at [email protected]. If USA Swimming grants the exemption, this exemption is valid for both USA Swimming and YMCA meets.


Note: Judy Sharkey cannot grant exceptions for non-YMCA meets (e.g. USA-S meets)


Instructions for content to be included in the request are provided in the Rules & Regulations section of the USA Swimming website. The content required for swimsuit exemption requests is the same for both YMCA Swimming and USA Swimming.


The swimmer is responsible to present a copy of the exemption letter to the meet referee prior to the start of the meet in which the swimmer intends to participate.