Tryouts for the team are offered year round. Please contact our Business Manager at [email protected] for more information or to schedule a tryout.


How to Register

After your initial tryout/conversation with the coaching staff, click the registration button below, select your group, and proceed through the checkout and account creation process. 

FAST Falcons Team Registration - Click Here


New swimmers will also need to register and create an account with USA Swimming using our team link below.

USA Swimming Registration - Click Here for 2023-2024 Registration



Website: The team website will be your best source of information regarding the team. Information includes: practice times, meets & events, coaches, time standards, and more. Please be sure to check the website prior to contacting coaches for information.

Email:  Lead coaches send out weekly emails communicating the weeks practice schedule, registration deadlines, upcoming events, and other important information. If you are not receiving email updates from the coaching staff, please reach out to your groups lead coach to get added to their email list. 



The FAST Falcons are a competitive USA Swim Club. As such, we encourage competition at all training levels. In order for swimmers to be comfortable competing at swim meets, they need to participate. Our club will host and compete at many meets throughout the year, so our swimmers will have numerous opportunities to compete.


FAST Team & Equipment Policy


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