Parent Education


This information has been added to help you and your athlete become more educated on important topics related to our sport. We hope this information helps you become a more knowledgable and more involved swim parent, which will help improve your swimmers ability to succeed in the pool!

The links below are great reads/watches that will assist you in adding to you and your swimmers toolbox. This page will be updated with new articles and videos regularly, so continue to check back for more!

Articles of the Month

Swim Parenting

A Few Suggestions on How to be a Better Swim Parent

What to Say to Your Swimmer


Practice and Meets

Trust the Process

When you Work Hard but Aren't Swimming Faster



The Healthiest Ways to Cook Vegetables

Additional Resources and Education


Swim Parenting 101

Quality Parenting Framework from the US Olympic Paralympic Committee

USA Swimming New Parents Handbook

Glossary of Common Swim Terms


Nutrition for Swimmers

Part 1: Basic Nutrition for Swimmers

Part 2: Fueling for Peak Performance during Taper

USOPC Fueling for Competition


Swim Meets

How to Sign up for a Meet

Prelims/Finals FAQ

How to Write Event/ Heat/ Lane

What is a Heat Sheet? What is Arm Marking?

How to read a Heat Sheet

What is FLAGS? Senior Champs? Sectionals? How does my swimmer qualify?


Tech Suits

Tech Suits: What are they? How do they help?

12 and Under Tech Suit Restrictions



Interested in becoming a USA Swimming Official?

Swim Meet Volunteer Positions


General Links

USA Swimming website

USA Swimming Mental Training and Wellness

USA Swimming Anti-Doping

Florida Swimming website

USA Swimming Southern Zone website