This group is for swimmers ages 10 & under who have become capable of doing basic practice intervals for swimming and kicking and have an understanding of all four strokes and IM order. Swimmers in this group will have experience competing at multiple swim meets and be capable of performing legal racing starts and turns.


Swimmers must be able to complete 50s Kick on 1:10(SCY)/1:15(LCM)

Swimmers must be able to complete 50s Freestyle swim on :55(SCY)/1:00(LCM)


Five practices per week are offered for this group (M-F)


Swimmers in this group agree to participate in swim meets monthly.





Falcons team cap

Well-fitting suit (such as jammers for boys and 1-piece for girls)




Water Bottle

Running Shoes



Swimmers may advance to Sharks or Age Group I from the Dolphins Group. 

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