Members of this group have mastered strokes, turns, and starts in all four strokes and have started to swim a robust group of events in sanctioned competitions The focus on this group will be on continued stroke improvement, race strategy, proper training techniques and conditioning and the introduction of longer races. The primary age group is 11 through 14. Four practices are offered per week with a recommended minimum of 4-5 practices per week. For advancement to Blue Group, 4 practices per week are strongly recommended.


200 I.M. under 3:10, or a Developmental Advancement Set designed by the coaching staff successfully completed a 400-yard IM and must attend regularly scheduled competitions. Advancement into any group is always predicated on being able to communicate directly with coaches and participate in a group setting.



Monday-Friday and Saturday.


In this group, we ask for an increased level of commitment, which is an average of 4- 5 practices per week. The swimmer will work on proper technique and will begin to build endurance at a higher rate during training. Coaches will help each swimmer set goal times appropriate to his or her current skill level, with personal improvement as the primary focus. Participation in meets at the highest level of qualification is expected.




Falcons team cap at practice during the week. Saturdays are reserved for caps of the athletes' choice. Well-fitting suit (such as jammers for boys and 1-piece for girls), cap, goggles, silicone fins, paddles, snorkel, full water bottle and mesh bag. Nose plugs are optional, but encouraged.



Swimmers may advance to the Junior, Senior, and National Elite groups from the Blue Group. In addition to the coach's discretion, swimmers' placement will be determined by a variety of measurements. or a Developmental Advancement Set designed by the coaching staff. Swimmers must be committed to attending 6-8 practices per week to advance. Dedication to pursuing one's fullest potential is most important. It is vital swimmers be able to communicate with coaches directly and be able to participate in a group setting.

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