group structure

The goal of the FAST Falcon program is to provide exceptional teaching and training to our competitive swimmers as they strive to reach their swimming goals. Training groups will be structured to provide the best environment for success. Generally training groups are structured to be homogenous in terms of age and ability so that Falcon swimmers are challenged and pushed in an environment that is appropriate for their age and ability level. As the program continues to evolve, training standards will evolve as well. This page will be updated as needed to reflect the needs of the Falcons over time.

Swimmers will be placed in training groups by age and ability. We will keep swimmers of similar age together throughout their time at FAST. Building peer groups and friendships with other swimmers of similar age is an important part of our program.

At FAST we take a long-term athlete development approach. While having swimmers perform well at 10, 11, and 12 years of age is great, the ultimate goal is to set swimmers up for success through high school and into college (if that is their goal). Swimmers who move through the FAST program will develop the skills and characteristics of successful swimming at age-appropriate times.

Swimmers will need to meet the standards/ skills listed for each level to be considered for advancement throughout the program. These standards are the minimum expectations for swimmers at the next training level. If a swimmer in a training group is no longer able to meet the minimum standards for that level, or if they choose not to meet the expectations of that level, they may be moved to a more appropriate training group. 

Click on any of the training groups below to learn more about that groups requirements.


FAST Falcons Competitive Team Groups
Division Ages Groups
Developmental 6 - 10 Guppies Dolphins Sharks
Age Group 11 - 12 Age Group 1 Age Group 2  
Junior 13 - 14 Junior 1 Junior 2  
Senior 14 & Over Senior 1 Senior 2 Senior 3


FAST Falcons Non-Competitive Groups
(Meets Not Required)
Ages Groups
6 - 10 Stroke Academy I
11 & Over Stroke Academy II