What Is Masters Swimming?

Over 60,000 adults nationwide, ages 18 to over 100, plus many more in countries around the world, participate in Masters swimming. Masters swimming is an adult aquatic fitness program for individuals who have chosen aquatics as their means of exercise for a healthier lifestyle. U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) programs do not discriminate between levels of ability or the individual goals of its members. There are many different types of swimmers. Some are highly competitive; others swim for fun or fitness. Many prefer open water events or triathlons. 

Swim Clubs like FAST Falcons Masters are groups of Masters swimmers organized for the purpose of training for health, fitness, and competition or for the pure enjoyment of swimming with a group of like-minded individuals. Members may swim in one or more pool facilities, usually under the direction of a coach. 

Mission statement

• To promote health, wellness, fitness, and competition for adults through swimming

Vision Statement

• USMS will be the premier resource for adult aquatic fitness in the United States and will make fitness through swimming available for as many adults as possible Goals and Objectives

• To encourage and promote improved physical fitness and health in adults

• To offer adults the opportunity to participate in a lifelong fitness and/or competitive swimming program

• To encourage organizations and communities to establish and sponsor Masters Swimming programs

• To enhance fellowship and camaraderie among Masters swimmers

• To stimulate research in the sociology, psychology, and physiology of Masters swimming

• To teach adults to swim

Benefits of an Adult Aquatic Fitness Program

The benefits of providing an adult aquatic program in regard to a facility are as varied as the swimmers that participate in the program itself. Pools are a big draw to membership. Studies have shown that even if a prospective member does not plan on using the pool for lap swimming, they would be more likely to join a gym that has a pool versus one without a pool. Very much like a hotel. Do guests ever go swimming or even use a hotel pool? Rarely. But almost every hotel has a pool, because for a guest, it sets a standard for the services that the hotel may provide. It is prudent that facilities now find ways to pay for the cost of maintaining the very thing that brought the membership in. To simply leave the pool empty…costs money. Swim lessons, summer swim team, water aerobics, and open lap swimming tend to use the pool more heavily in the warmer months. An organized, coach led adult swim program provides year-round use of the pool. Members of swim programs have numerous reasons for joining, including:

• On deck coaching

• Structured workout regimen

• Motivation

• Camaraderie and fun

• Stroke technique evaluation

• Learn the latest swimming skills

• Family social activities

Access to pools Questionnaire answers of personal benefits gained from swimming:

• It makes me happy

• I feel healthier

• It will allow me to live longer

• It improves my personal relationships

• Swimming gives me more energy

• I perform better at work

• I’m able to channel my competitiveness constructively

• It gives me confidence socially

• It has helped me overcome personal fears




*5:30 - 7:00 AM

(*Early Access for Masters)

Coach Michael


Coach Michael


Coach Michael

6:45- 7:45 PM



Coach Michael


Coach Michael


SCY - Short Course 25-Yards Indoor

SCM - Short Course 25-Meters Outdoor (covered in summer)

LCM - Long Course 50-Meters Outdoors

Swimmers should feel comfortable joining this group to prepare for a triathlon swim, learn to be a more proficient swimmer with exposure to interval training, evolving stroke techniques, and involving different training equipment (snorkel, fins, paddles, resistance equipment).  


We swim year-round outdoors, however periodically Florida weather can be unhospitable.  In the event of inclement weather and at the discretion of the coach we swim indoors SCY or LCM depending on the pool set-up.


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