Successful High School State Meet!

Allison Beebe

Congratulations to all of the FAST Falcons on a very successful Florida high school swim season! We had 21 Falcons qualify for their Florida High School Athletic Association State Championship, with 19 Falcons scoring points for their high school!

A special congratulations go to Bryce LaBonte, who swam to his first USA Swimming Jr National qualifying time! And another special congratulations go to Campbell Stever, who swam to her first USA Swimming Futures qualifying time!

Swimmers who placed in the top 3 are Sabian Branch (3rd- 200 medley relay), Lara Braganza (3rd- 100 butterfly), Ian Disosway (3rd- 200 medley relay),  Alex Gonzalez (3rd- 200 medley relay), Bryce LaBonte (2nd- 200 IM, 2nd- 500 free), Ashley Sampson (2nd- 500 free), Campbell Stever (3rd- 200 freestyle, 3rd- 500 freestyle), and Jeffrey Wolfe (3rd- 200 medley relay).

The following list represents all of the Falcon point scorers. Congratulations Falcons!


Sabian Branch- 12th grade- 200 medley relay- 3rd and 400 free relay- 9th

Ian Disosway- 10th grade- 200 medley relay- 3rd, 400 freestyle relay- 9th, 100 breaststroke- 11th, 100 freestyle- 13th

Alex Gonzalez- 9th grade- 200 medley relay- 3rd, 400 freestyle relay- 9th, 500 free- 13th, 200 IM- 15th

Seth Hyde- 10th- 500 freestyle- 10th

Hannah Parkin- 9th grade- 100 freestyle- 7th, 50 freestyle- 10th

Jeffrey Wolfe- 12th grade- 200 medley relay- 3rd, 50 freestyle- 5th, 400 freestyle relay- 9th



Avery Bumbach- 12th grade- 200 IM- 10th

Ben Camp- 12th grade- 100 butterfly- 11th

Ashley Sampson- 12th grade- 500 freestyle- 2nd, 200 freestyle- 7th



Lara Braganza- 10th grade- 100 butterfly- 3rd , 200 freestyle- 4th

Ava Ehinger- 10th grade- 100 backstroke- 4th, 200 IM- 7th

Bryce LaBonte- 10th grade- 200 IM- 2nd, 500 freestyle-2nd

Nick Schenk- 9th grade- 400 freestyle relay- 14th

Nicole Shanks- 11th grade- 500 freestyle- 4th, 200 freestyle- 10th

Campbell Stever- 11th grade- 200 freestyle- 3rd, 500 freestyle- 3rd

Parker Stever- 9th grade- 200 freestyle-5th, 500 freetyle- 6th



Erika Opdyke- 9th grade- 500 freestyle- 13th

Alex Stevens- 12th grade- 500 freestyle- 11th

Xavier Washington- 12th grade- 100 backstroke 7th, 50 freestyle- 13th

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