Storm Forecast for May 21st, 2024

Michael White

Wrapping up the Spring

A busy spring wraps up this week, with the last evening practice Thursday.  For those of you dashing over to summer league next week—I’m pretty sure we’ll cross paths again in the coming weeks.  For those of you trying to find ways to balance summer league and Storm (and your checkbooks)—if you’re stuck and in need of some creative solutions, please reach out.  We get to focus on a much smaller pool of swimmers in the summer and it allows us to be much more flexible than we can be during the other sessions.


One other note: we’ll have a few social events going on in the summer.  Several of them will be for EVERYONE.  An example: we’re renting a movie theater to watch Olympic Trials.  That’ll be open to all our swimmers, summer or otherwise, and their families.  We did it in ’21 and had a BLAST.  The other events, like Six Flags: come join!  Just because you’re swimming laps at another pool doesn’t mean you’re gone from our community.

Adding a Home Meet (of Sorts)

We’re working with three teams (Watertown, Fort Atkinson, and Waunakee) to co-host a single session meet at SP West on Saturday, June 15th.  A start time of 9:30, splitting volunteering with three other teams, and all ages in 1 session mean this will be a really easy meet to host and for swimmers to participate in.  It’ll be for 14&U swimmers, namely those not aiming for summer state cuts.  $20 to participate, a full set of IMR events—easy peasy!


Practice Changes

Note: With Piranhas gearing up and utilizing time at East, our schedule will get really wonky in the coming days.  Be sure to check your group’s calendar.  If you haven’t yet discovered that you can upload your group’s calendar into your own phone, go here and click your swimmer’s group to find the appropriate links.


AM Practices: We’ll stick with our Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri morning “spring” practice schedule through June 7th. Once school lets out, we’ll go to 5 AMs a week.


Wednesday, May 22nd – Normal AM, No East PM Availability, All PM at SP West
5:10-6:05P Tropical Storm
5:15-6:05P Thunderstorm
6:05-7:10P Cyclone, Hurricane, Tsunami
7:10-8:30P Typhoon, Senior, Performance, PostGrad

Thursday, May 23rd  –No East PM Availability, Dryland Normal Schedule, All PM at SP West
5:00-6:00P Tropical Storm, Cyclone
6:00-7:10P Hurricane, Tsunami, Typhoon
7:10-8:30P Senior, Performance, PostGrad

Friday, May 24th  –Normal AM Schedule
No PM Practice, end of Spring Session
Saturday, May 25thth
No Practice
Monday, May 27th 
No Practice—Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 28th – Start of Summer Session
Condensed PM Schedule May 28th through Thursday, June 6th, all at SP West
5:15-6:10P Thunderstorm & Tropical Storm
5:15-6:25P Tsunami, Hurricane, & Cyclone
6:10-7:30P Typhoon
6:25-7:55P Senior, Performance, PostGrad


Meet/Event Signup



Deadline /


BAC Jack Pettinger Meet
For: Anyone with at least one state cut



STAR Spring Splash Meet
For: Anyone without a state cut



Six Flags, Anyone?

We’re going to celebrate the end of the school year with a day at Six Flags!  On Wednesday, June 12th, swimmers (whether active for summer or not), siblings, family, friends, and other teams are all invited to head to Six Flags to make friends and memories together.  Families should arrive at 2, and can stay for as long as they want.  Group tickets are available here.